Welcome to my site!

Hello everyone, welcome to my site. I am a 19 year old college sophomore studying electrical engineering. This will currently be my location for long-form content, such as articles, journal entries, or a platform to facilitate larger archives of content. Content archived here would be: music (primarily by Negative XP, XO_Willow, others in that sphere), art I enjoy, and thought-provoking/ humourous posts, archived from twitter primarily.

Topics for articles may include:

About me in specific:

As stated in the welcome section: I am a 19 year old Catholic male studying electrical engineering. Besides that, my other main hobbies involve playing vidya (Smash Ultimate competitively), spending time with my current housemates/ gf, and an occassional art project. I would like to practice my embroidery more and start a small garden. I would also like to read more, may post book reviews or discussions on here to really make myself read more.

Basic Information: